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Strategy in Action

Separating strategic execution from its development creates disappointment and frustration. Communicating it over and over will make no difference. Mobilising strategy begins on the first day of its development. The formation of strategy is principally about creating a well grounded story and ambition in your people to change the future.

A strategy is not a plan. It’s not a mission statement. It is a clear line of sight where your future and the future of your customers meet. It is tested, thorough and robust. Understood and believed in by everyone in the organisation and in time, by your customers.Man on a ladder

How we help

People in organisations create strategy, not consultants. We guide, question and challenge people to develop their own version of the future. A vision they are committed to and one they share with their colleagues. A strategy that is evident in their everyday work.

From our perspective establishing a strategy is about demonstrating and making clear declarations about how your organisation is going to become more relevant to your customers.

The starting line is a declaration

 We work with your senior team to enable them to confidentially declare a new future which opens new possibilities Strategy declarationfor the organisation, its people and its customers. We ensure your declared strategy endures market changes by supporting you to examine the trends in your industry whilst taking into account your current and emerging competitors. It will always play to your strength, whilst remaining cognisant of your weaknesses, at all times offering new possibilities to your existing and potential customers.


Grounding the way forward

When your strategic execution is more than just some tweaks to what you currently do then it needs to be supported by new Strategy successthinking, behaviour and practices from the beginning. We work with you and reveal how some of your dominant historical habits may be holding you back and  highlight what needs to change to overcome them.

Without commitments to specific business objectives and targets which are supported by grounded plans, an organisation’s strategy remain a hopeful intension. We work with you to ensure your business targets are aligned to your strategies and a network of promises and realistic road maps are in place. You will know your strategy has become real as you start observing new and more positive tensions and behaviours among the leaders.

Example of our work

  • A major nationwide operator in the Irish transport industry was concerned that their five-year strategy was missing coherency with emerging market changes. They did not have a clear roadmap and lacked support from all stakeholders.  Over 10 weeks; we assisted the senior team to develop and commit to a strategic plan which will be the basis for readiness for de-regulation in 2019.
  • Our client, a billion dollar multinational agri and food business, needed a new strategic approach to developing its Agribusiness in the ‘pre and post quota elimination’ period from 2015. Over 14 weeks; we guided a process that covered all aspects of their business,  understanding customers, assessing competitors, grounding out current market share and performance to assessing internal and external challenges and opportunities. We supported the leadership team and their teams to create a new market winning strategy underpinned by a detailed execution plan.
  • Our client, an international veterinary pharmaceutical organisation, has expanded significantly in the US and has plans to accelerate its growth in Europe. We supported the team to develop a Commercial Strategy; supported by a detailed market analysis, a three year plan and forecasts.
  • Following a restructuring, our client, an animal health and nutrition organisation, required a new strategic development approach to rebuild their business. Over 12 weeks, we worked with the team to develop a world beating strategic proposition for Herd Health, mobilised the team to create their domestic and international expansion strategy. With the first three year plan now complete, we are now working with them to create their plan for the next three years.
  • A UK utilities organisation, having come through its early years of formation, delivering significant efficiencies and value to customers in their local market, now wished to develop its Customer Experience strategy. We worked across the organisation, involving more than 40 different functions and stakeholders, including government and community to develop a Customer Experience Strategy for its next level of development. The organisation is embarking on a journey to make itself a leading customer service organisation and stand apart from all other utilities.
  • We provide advise to companies in a range of industries. Please see our case studies for more details email our Head of Strategy, Gary O Sullivan directly, he'd welcome your contact.

How to get a Strategy out of the Boardroom and into your ‘Centre'