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Business Process Improvement and Management

Are your processes built for growth and cost improvement?

Ambitious organisations set growth targets and often expect that their processes can simply scale to maBusiness Process Management Irelandtch the growth. However, experience shows us that processes, which have been built during a start-up or have evolved to meet everyday business demands, are prone to break under the pressure of acquisition, integration or fast growth. Indeed any process set to tackle the challenging rescession of the last few years may now need a different outlook.

In our experience, ‘business as usual’ processes will not scale cost effectively. Teams scramble to create patch solutions, which result in generating more waste and inefficiencies.  When pushed poorly scaled processes produce increased rework, substandard service quality, and breakdowns in the customer journey.

How much of your leadership and managements’ time is sucked into troubleshooting and firefighting?

For more than 10 years Pathfinder has provided clients in the Scotland and Ireland with value driven business process management redesign solutions, and has supported them in rethinking their processes and work practices for growth or downsizing.  We can do this because we see processes a little differently. 

Analysing the physical flow of work through for example Lean, data Business Process Review Irelandanalysis and forecasting comes as standard; we do this expertly.  However we have long realised that in service industries the human factor can be more important than the physical flow of documents to making processes efficient.  The requests and commitments that people make to each other every day is how work gets done, how value is produced and where processes can break.    

The network of requests and commitments that drive business process mapping can become very confused over time and lead to waste and frustration.  To remove the confusion, the troubleshooting and the firefighting and to get your processes back to core principles, we can expertly review your key business processes and provide you with a gap analysis of where they fall short in terms of achieving your strategic goals.

Our business process review will focus on some simple questions:

  1. What is the required business outcome, who is making the commitment to deliver it, what do they need from internal service providers and can they rely on them to delivery?
  2. How is the performance of the team currently being measured?
  3. Is the team, across the process, working toward the same goal?
  4. Is a network commitments and reliable promises exists across the team?
  5. What are the gaps and breakdowns, and what are their costs to the business?

We provide you with

  1. A grounded diagnosis of where your business has deficiencies.
  2. An assessment of the cost of waste and the value of opportunities.
  3. A future architecture and business design that will enable delivery of the business targets.
  4. A plan and a senior team (client) that are committed to taking the required action.

We believe successful business results can only be achieved when people in our clients’ organisations own the design and are committed to achieving the promised outcomes. This ensures ownership, which will result in commitment and sustainability after the consultants have departed.   

We also commit to the same outcomes. We fulfil our commitments by bringing insights and supporting our clients, at all levels, to succeed. Contact our offices in Scotland and Ireland today on how we can help you!