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James Selkirk

Consulting Manager

“My aim is to create value by having a people centred business approach that puts the individual first.”

James has over 10 years’ experience in the consulting industry delivering change across a wide range of FTSE 100 companies. James is always focussed on building capability within the organisations he works with and putting people at the heart of any change. He has managed change in complex stakeholder environments, led multinational teams in challenging international environments and owned high-profile strategy engagements for global clients. James enjoys reducing waste and solving complex business problems through designing operating models and processes improvements to refocus on delivering value.

When not in work, James is a passionate traveller and serial misadventure with endless enthusiasm for discovering new places and he occasionally attempts to run the odd marathon or two.

James Selkirk Consulting Manager Pathfinder

Areas of Expertise

  • Diagnosis and Design
  • Operational Excellence
  • Strategy Development and Mobilisation
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