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Pharma – Large scale integration

Pharma – Large scale integration

Where we started

When the second largest pharmaceutical organisation in the world chose our client as the outsource partner for a drug trial, it demanded that our client provide full transparency of all related activities. This meant total integration of systems in the two diverse organisations. We led this challenge on behalf of our client. 

The challenges

This programme was the biggest customer facing IT project ever executed by our client. It involved dealing with multiple suppliers and internal business and IT teams.

The challenge was further exacerbated as it was executed in parallel to the transition of the trials activity to our client, a massive project in its own right. It introduced high level of complexity across the programme in terms of the technical solution and the programme organisation.


What we did

We started with a four week detailed diagnosis and planning exercise which resulted in programme reorganisation, declaration of clearly defined scope and a number of changes in personnel on the programme.

Once we were satisfied that we have right programme structure we commenced a detailed planning exercise which resulted in grounded and realistic delivery dates which were committed to by all stakeholders. In parallel, we established new management and governance practices and worked closely with the Business Transition team to ensure IT and process changes were fully co-ordinated.

The outcome

The project went live on schedule with a real time transparent view of the daily trial data supported by performance metrics.


Sector / Business Area

Pharma / Programme Execution

Key Contacts

Mike McKay
Paul Fegan